• The story of the tattoo of Ron Burgundy fighting a shark (Photo)

    This past May, photos from the set of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues surfaced, showing the franchise’s news anchor hero Ron Burgundy fighting a shark (see below). Well, we’re only nine days away — seven, if you get the Superticket — from finding out why exactly Burgundy found himself in such a predicament (unless, of course, that scene ended up on the cutting room floor). But long before Anchorman 2 press onslaught began, one of Will Ferrell’s biggest fans did something drastic to prove his love— and to show he wasn’t a chicken. He got the simultaneously best and worst tattoo ever— Ron Burgundy fighting a shark.

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    There’s a story behind it, though, and it’s told by a dedicated Laughspin reader in Sweden named Thomas Karlsson, who bumped into Ferrell in Stockholm in the summer of 2012. If you want to read how his buddy ended up with such an odd tattoo, the entire explanation is below. If that doesn’t interest you, however, you can skip to the tattoo photo. Either way, enjoy!

    Dear Laughspin…

    I’ve enjoyed your excellent website for some time now and therefore I want to share this story with you, since your publication deals with comedy and all matters that has to do with “funny”:

    Let me start off with telling you about this friend of mine. For argument’s sake, let’s call this friend ”Daniel Johansson”, mainly because that is his given name. Maybe ”friend” isn’t the right word to describe him. I’m not even sure that I like the guy. We bonded many years ago, mostly due to the fact that we both share an immense appreciation of the comedy stylings of Mr. Will Ferrell. It’s mainly because of this shared admiration we’ve remained so called ”friends”.

    However, one summer day, back in 2012 we were walking the streets of Stockholm, Sweden and there he was, walking amongst us mortals like an ordinary man: Mr. Will Ferrell!

    We approached him and even though Mr. Ferrell must’ve found us pretty annoying, disturbing his day out with his family, he was very gracious and gave us a couple of minutes of his time and we got to tell him how much enjoyment he’s given us through the years and yadda-yadda and all that jazz.

    The thing was that this was back when ”Anchorman 2” had just been announced. Naturally we asked Mr. Ferrell about the status and he told us that the script was ready and they’re to about start shooting. We were exstatic! We shook hands and parted ways.

    Elated by this encounter, we took it upon ourselves to celebrate it with a drink ,so we headed to the nearest dive bar. While sitting there, analyzing our encounter with the funniest man alive, we started discussing exactly how funny ”Anchorman 2” would be. Will it live up to the original or will it just be a cheap cash-in?

    Now, around this time my friend had developed a habit of emblazing his body with different images that makes no sense whatsoever (seriously, no sense at all. I sometimes suspect that he needs medication). One of these so called ”tattoos” was of an anchor on his lower arm. The fact that he hasn’t spent one single day out at sea didn’t seem to bother him.
    ”Aren’t anchors mainly for sailors?” I asked, to which he replied ”I just like the shape of them. They remind me of an inverted fork” (do you see what I have to deal with? The man has the IQ of a cloud).

    However, this anchor tattoo wasn’t finished (he also has a problem of comitting to things, as many potential ex-girlfriends will tell you) and about a year later, when the first images from ”Anchorman 2” started trickling out on the internet, there was one of Ron Burgundy fighting a shark. I suggested that he should complete his silly anchor/inverted fork-tattoo and continue with this nautic theme he had going on, and add Ron Burgundy riding on a shark, next to it.
    ”What if the film sucks?” he asked. ”Of course it’s not gonna suck” I said. ”It’s Ron Burgundy, for chrissakes! What’s the matter, are you scared? You ain’t got the guts? Are you … chicken?” I continued, imitiating the cackling of a newborn baby chicken.

    My friend was sent into a furor, started demolishing furniture and historical landmarks, while proclaiming his manliness. After a while, he calmed down but I could see that my questionening his ability to emblaze Will Ferrell’s features upon his somewhat lacklustre body had taken its toll. When the night ended, he whispered ”You just wait and see, I’m gonna get that Ron Burgundy-tattoo… You just wait….”

    And here we are. The ”tattoo” is finished. I’ve attached a picture of it and although it turned out quite well, I have very mixed feelings about it. ”Anchorman 2” opens Dec 20 in Sweden and I, for one, am very excited! I have very high expectations.

    However, I am somewhat torn between hoping that ”Anchorman 2” will be the funniest movie ever and that it will be an embarassing rehash of the original, an uninspired repetition of the jokes that were so well done in the first installment. Don’t get me wrong, deep inside I want every Will Ferrell-movie to be the most successful movie ever made so that he can continue doing what he wants to do and bring joy through laughter to millions of people, but honestly… Wouldn’t it be pretty fantastic if ”Anchorman 2” turns out to be the next ”Star Wars: Phantom Menace” when my friend has decided to tattoo a scene from it, without having seen the movie itself? Imagine doing a tattoo of Jar Jar Binks before the movie opened? That should put an end to those trips to the beach, right?
    I would be lying if I said that part of me isn’t hoping for the movie to turn belly up at the box office, just to see my friend’s face when he realizes he can never wear short sleeves again…

    Anyway, just thought I’d share this with you. Feel free to do with it what you will…

    Best wishes!

    Anchorman tattoo

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