• There will be a Super Troopers sequel, hopefully will start shooting this year

    While we await the real, final, official word on whether the Arrested Development movie will be made and while we enjoy waiting for the release of Anchorman 2 (coming in December), allow us to treat you with this news about a comedy cult classic: Super Troopers 2 is doing down.

    “There will be a Super Troopers sequel,” Kevin Heffernan tells Guy Speed. “We put it off for a while and then came back to it. We wrote the script and handed it in to Fox and now we’re just negotiating the time and the place and hopefully shoot it some time this year.”

    Heffernan, of course, is part of Broken Lizard, the production and acting team that released the original Super Troopers in 2001 as well as Beerfest and Club Dread. Heffernan played one of Super Trooper‘s most popular characters, Farva, a clueless and obnoxious Vermont state trooper desperately trying to gain the respect of his fellow law enforcement officials. “I have to start growing my mustache now,” Heffernan adds.

    To celebrate this excellent news, let’s watch the trailer for the original flick.

    Heffernan and fellow Broken Lizard-er Steve Lemme are currently on their Fat Man, Little Boy comedy tour. You can get details here.

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