This week in comedy podcasts

I listen to a seemingly overwhelming amount of comedy podcasts each week. I look forward to these shows like I look forward to payday. Each one is like my Vestibulocochlear nerve just cashed a check and had its mom drop it off at the arcade in the mall. I guess my Vestibulocochlear nerve is also a junior highschool student circa 1996.

As a service to you incredible readers as well as for my own enjoyment, I am going to recap this week of comedy podcasts, share some highlights, and invite you all to share some of your own. In no special order, here I go.

WTF Podcast w/ Marc Maron: I was elated to find two episodes had made it in the rotation this week. One that I attended live at Bumbershoot and the other back in Maron’s garage. The live show included guests, Patton Oswalt, El Chupacabra, Donald Glover, and Eddie Pepitone. Part of the way into this show, I had to exit and meet Garfunkel & Oats in the green room; passing a scantily clad Nick Kroll along the way. At the top of our interview session, Kroll strolls in dressed as someone akin to a Spanish Elvis impersonator. My dream of meeting El Chupacabra in person had been realized. This a great episode finished off with Pepitone sharing a story about getting punched in the face while at Bumbershoot.

Comedy and Everything Else: Jimmy Dore welcomes one of UCB’s original founders, Matt Besser on the podcast. Besser takes issue with Kyle Cease relating Stand-Up Bootcamp to taking improv classes. He makes a case for changing the name Stand Up Boot Camp to something like Positive Thinking Camp.

Walking the Room: Greg Behrendt shares his new favorite delectable treat over the airwaves. Theo Chocolate. Dave Anthony shares some alternative names for their podcast that Patton Oswalt generously emailed in.

Comedy Death Ray Radio: Scott Aukerman pushes through this episode from his death bed at the new Earwolf Studio. Paul Scheer hypes up the new season of The League on F/X and El Chupacabra reveals his real name is Raul Cheesecake Factory.

The Long Shot Podcast: Making a return for a second season is Eddie Pepitone and gang. Paul F. Tompkins is guest of honor as they discuss Magic. I learned a lot about The Magic Castle in LA and that I would have to buy new clothing if I ever want to go there.

Other very notable releases this week include Comedy Film Nerds with guest Doug Benson, The Nerdist Podcast with guest Donald Glover, and Doug Loves Movies with guests, Rob Delaney, Nick Swardson, and Dave Holmes.

I enjoyed these episodes and can’t recommend them all to you enough. Now I want to hear from you. What are your favorite moments in comedy podcasts this week?

Chase Roper

Chase Roper is the Internet’s only comedy writing, podcasting, stay at home dad (maybe). His comedic sensibility has been described as bitingly sarcastic. He’s not sure if he agrees with that but is pretty sure that “bitingly” isn’t a real word. You can check out his show, The Stay at Home Dadcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

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