• Thomas Lennon, Cathy Shim, Ed Asner and co. urge us to “stop the environment” (Video)

    We’re living in a world full of hippies and “Earth enthusiasts” and I, for one, am sick of them. With their opinions and their “science” and their full-length skirts. Thank goodness for Thomas Lennon, Ben Garant, Cathy Shim, Ed Asner and Mindy Sterling, who remind is in this Funny Or Die exclusive, that Mother Nature is kind of a bitch.

    Meagan Kate

    Meagan Kate is a Portland, Oregon writer and comic. She has been laughed at by audiences at The Brody Theater, The Someday Lounge, Theatre! Theater! and other venues that provide her with the validation she has yet to receive from a long-term relationship. She says things at http://myfacewasred.tumblr.com and you can follow her @MeaganKate.

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