• Tig Notaro massive internal bleeding cause for hospitalization (Video)

    Tig Notaro collapsed and was rushed to the hospital on Nov. 7 after performing in Philadelphia, where doctors found a cyst had burst causing “massive” internal bleeding, the comedian told her fans earlier today. This news comes days after Notaro was forced to cancel a string of tour dates due to what has just been described as a hospitalization. Below is Notaro’s complete Facebook message:

    dearest humans- it is me, tig. (notaro.) thanks to everyone for your support and concern. i am happy to say that i am finally on the mend! what happened you ask? well, after my ridiculously fun show in philly, as i was about to leave the venue, i collapsed in horrific pain, rushed to the ER and found that a cyst had burst causing MASSIVE internal bleeding. they thought the hemorrhaging would stop and heal on its own, but unfortunately it did not. so, after a couple of horribly uncomfortable days of pain, they had to do surgery to stop it and clean up my insides. too much information? not enough information? we will leave it at that. thanks again and please know that i’m resting on a ton of drugs, walking when i can, doing my breathing exercises and trying my darnedest to get back to this tour that has been nothing short of the best time. thanks again and see your faces soon!

    Tig Notaro has had a history with medical problems including a battle with breast cancer that ended in a double mastectomy. Since then, she has become a recognizable headlining Grammy Award-nominated comedian. The canceled shows were a part of her “Boyish Girl Interrupted Tour”. Her website did not edit the shows on her tour page and lists her next appearance at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, OR on Nov. 12.

    The news is a shock to fans who excitedly read about her Nov. 6 set at The Town Hall as a part of the New York Comedy Festival. About halfway through the set, Tig Notaro told a story about an airport security agent who did not believe that she was a woman when she felt no bra and no breasts while patting Notaro down. While unbuttoning her jacket, a “Whooo!” emanated from the back of the venue. “You know it’s funny,” the comedian commented. “I was going to do this show with my shirt off, anyway. I’m about one more ‘Whooo’ away from going topless.” This caused a series of shouts and calls that Notaro completed the rest of the story, and her set, completely topless.

    Notaro included the below video in her Facebook post (Login to Facebook to view).

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