• Tim & Eric’s Go Pro Show will premiere on YouTube channel JASH on April 15 (Video)

    Last week, the talent behind the newest premium comedy channel on YouTube — inexplicably named JASH — Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts and Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim descended upon South By Southwest in Austin to officially announce the coming of their newest Web-based shenanigans. Since that time, the channel has been populated only by promo videos. But today, dear Laughspinners, there is more! How much more? Well, precisely 57 seconds more. Tim and Eric have launched another promo, but this time we get a slightly better grasp of what they’ll be up to come April 15 when Tim & Eric’s Go Pro Show premieres on JASH. There’s no word on when Silverman, Cera and Watts will launch their respective efforts. For now, let’s see what Tim and Eric are up to.

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