• Tom Arnold Dean Cain Twitter feud follows backstage battle (Video)

    Tom Arnold speaks up! The Hollywood Reporter has obtained new video of a verbal altercation between comedy actor Tom Arnold and actor Dean Cain. From the video, it is slightly confusing about what the fight is over, but THR reports it was over Arnold’s claims that Cain holds, or at least excuses, anti-LGBTQ sentiments.

    Dean Cain is probably best remembered for his role as Superman in the 1990s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Cain and Arnold were both booked on the show Larry King Now and bumped into each other backstage. Cain was on set to promote his new film Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, which is an anti-abortion propaganda film masquerading as a biopic. Arnold was also on set promoting his new Viceland show, The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold.

    The fight is based heavily in the two’s differing political opinions. A third party tried to tape the exchange, but Arnold’s team asked that they put the cell phone away. The person then taped the rest in secret, but some of the altercation is missing. This is hardly Arnold’s first foray into political commentary. He has been staunchly anti-Trump, even claiming there exist tapes of Donald Trump using the N-word during the president’s Celebrity Apprentice days.

    The bad blood started back in September when Arnold tweeted, “@RealDeanCain is another @realDonaldTrump loving fake Christian coward which makes Dean Cain anti-LGBTQ & racist. #complicit.” In the video, Arnold tries to convince Cain that associating with anti-queer organizations is just as bad as being anti-queer. Cain asserts in the video, “I’ve always supported gay rights… Let me finish for a second. You’re giving me guilt by association.”

    “Don’t be with them!” Arnold implores before likening Cain’s speech at the Value Voters Summit to attending a Nazi rally. “They’re that bad.”

    While the video ends with Cain and Arnold quickly hugging and thanking each other, Cain later tweeted, “He called me #racist and said I was anti-LGBTQ. Totally untrue. After I confronted him, he backed down. That’s how it always seems to work.”

    Since the tape become public, their public feud has continued on Twitter. Maybe go back to looking for those tapes.

    Rosa Escandon

    I am a stand up comic and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. When I'm not on stage, I am Comedy Editor for The Tusk, sit on the board of the Cinder Block Comedy Festival, and writing my next project. I am passionate about writing about feminism and comedy as well as how women, LBGTQ people, and minorities are changing the face of comedy and entertainment. You may have seen me on Buzzfeed Video, Seriously.TV, aplus, or maybe just on twitter.

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