• Tom Segura takes hilarious aim at everyone on ‘White Girls with Cornrows’ (Review + audio)

    Throughout his sophomore release, comedian Tom Segura offers a hilariously cynical view of modern society, poignant ruminations about the people around us and, perhaps most importantly, some words of wisdom, a portion of which center around the title of the album, White Girls with Cornrows.

    Self-released by Segura, White Girls takes aim at guys who wear cowboy hats — “I think it’s time to see an end to the man who walks around in public with a cowboy hat on like he’s not wearing a cowboy hat in public. That shit is ridiculous.” — to, well, white chicks who wear cornrows. Combining the snarky observations and often ill-spirited rants fans have come to expect from the co-host of the much-loved podcast, Your Mom’s House, Segura takes his audience on a sarcastic comedic temper tantrum as he sharply rips apart his personal obstacles– both real and imagined.

    The Los Angeles-based, Cincinnati-bred Segura has graced the stage on Conan, has starred in his own Comedy Central Presents and has appeared on Russell Peters Presents on Showtime and Live at Gotham— as well as performing at some of the top comedy festivals in the world, hitting Montreal, Vancouver and Melbourne. So, he’s most definitely in a position to observe and report about culture. Hence his theory on white girls who wear a style of hairdo made famous by Snoop Dogg: “You can always tell when you’re in a dicey neighborhood,” Segura cautions, “when you see white girls with cornrows…if you ever see a white girl with cornrows, just know that she is down for whatever. You don’t see it a lot, but where you do see it, is on prison shows.”

    It seems few topics are off-limits for Segura, but despite how much he has to say about others, he knows that the best humor starts with himself (highlighted by a colorful story about being caught masturbating and a theory about his ever-degenerating ability to have decent sex) or with his family: it seems Segura’s cousin Brian thinks he’s an inventor; by the comedian’s estimation, however, “he’s just an asshole.”And although Segura can be comfortably classified as critical, he does it with delightfully sardonic over tones reminiscent of Jon Lovitz, combined with a laid-back, Eugene Mirman-like pace that come together to create an hour of comedy that leaves you feeling a bit guilty (and perhaps surprised at yourself) for laughing so heartily at others.

    At one point in his set, Segura simply can’t take the sound of a particular audience member whistling (in lieu of laughing), and starts to lose his his normally cool demeanor: “Could you fucking stop whistling?” Segura snaps in the middle of a joke. “If I had a gun, I would shove it between your fucking lips right now. I’m losing my goddamned mind!” But don’t worry. Segura eventually apologizes for getting “a little aggressive.” Let’s hope Segura never registers for a firearm.

    You can pick up Tom Segura’s White Girls with Cornrows today at CDBaby.com and hear him on his weekly podcast, “Your Mom’s House”, with Christina Pazsitzky (his wife) at yourmomshousepodcast.com or AllThingsComedy.com.

    Angela Frissore

    Angela Frissore is a Boston-based writer and comedy producer who believes that laughter is the cure for all that ails us. Never one to take life too seriously, her mission is to seek out and share the deepest belly laughs around the country. You may contact Angie with your comments and questions at angiefrissore@gmail.com.

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