Tony Rock talks hosting Jamie Foxx’s “Showtime at the Apollo” and being Chris’ brother

This past summer, comedian and Hollywood powerhouse Jamie Foxx announced that he would be bringing back the iconic variety program Showtime at the Apollo. And just recently we learned that comedian Tony Rock was handpicked by Foxx to host the re-vamped show. But how did the stand-up comedian land the gig? Laughspin contributor Jeffrey Gurian sat down with Rock after one of his headlining shows at Gotham Comedy Club this past weekend to get the scoop.

“It’s the weirdest thing,” Rock, 37, says. “I believe if you stay on stage, good things happen. And I guess the word just got back to [Jamie] that, ‘You know, this guy’s really strong, he’s real quick.’ And he came to see me one night, and boom– he handed me the job. No audition, nothing. ‘The job’s yours.’ The show will start filming at the world-famous Apollo in New York at the start of 2012.

Gurian also asked Rock about what it’s like having incredibly famous Chris Rock — Tony and family call him “Chrissy” — as a brother.

“Chrissy groomed me,” Rock says. “You know Dr. Frankenstein? That’s him. I’m the monster. He made me listen to comedy albums. He made me watch comedy movies. He would call me over in the house to listen to a Richard Pryor CD or watch Eddie Murphy on SNL, and it was always like, ‘Do you see what he’s doing? That’s called a call back. That’s called this.’ He made me a comic.”

For photos, the video interview with Rock and a full recap of Rock’s stand-up show, check out the Comedy Matters Vlog.

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