Trevor Noah blasts Donald Trump ‘locker room talk’ excuse on Daily Show (Video)

The leak of Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood video with Billy Bush, wherein the Republican presidential nominee explains that since he’s famous he’s allowed to grab women by the “pussy” among other things, has gone viral by epic proportions. At this point Billy Bush has been fired by NBC News, which includes the Today show. But Trump, himself his still on the campaign trail and, despite apologizing for his words, is explaining it away as “locker room talk” in a bid to normalize his interaction with Bush, which was captured on a hot mic when the pair didn’t realize they were being recorded.

Although dozens of comedians have given their opinion on the subject, Trevor Noah explained the situation best on Monday’s episode of The Daily Show, saying Trump has officially broken almost every record of scum-baggery in politics. The rules don’t even apply anymore. Let’s be honest: We couldn’t have even imagined that these feats would be taking place!”

But before really rightfully laying into Trump, Noah makes sure Billy Bush isn’t left off the hook. After running a clip from the Access Hollywood video wherein Bush, after gleefully participating and agreeing with Trump’s “pussy” grabbing speech, begs the actress Arianne Zucker tasked with escorting this morons to set to give “The Donald” a hug. He then also asks Zucker who she’d rather date—himself or Trump.

“How do you fit that much sleaze into such a short video?” Noah asks. “The 2 Girls 1 Cup girls are like, ‘I would not want to switch places with her.’”

But then an angry yet largely even-toned Trevor Noah gets on Trump, especially the billionaire’s “locker room talk” excuse.

“First, they’re conflating sex talk and sexual assault talk. Trying to make Trump’s comments sound normal is not something that they’re achieving. Because, I’m sorry, that is not normal,” Noah says. “There is a big difference saying dirty words and glorifying non-consensual sexual contact. Not every guy has these conversations. No, that’s a crime. There is a big difference. People are like, ‘Oh, c’mon. Guys talk dirty.’ Yeah, guys talk dirty. But guys are all not having conversations about sexual assault. It feels like more people are focused on, ‘He said pussy.’” It’s not about that. It’s about him saying he forces himself on women.”

Later in the clip Noah explains, “Trump can try to excuse his behavior by calling it locker room talk but you realize he wasn’t in a locker room! He was in a TV interview. If you conduct locker room everywhere it’s not the locker room, it’s you motherfucker! It’s you!”


Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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