• Twitter comedy star Kelly Oxford lands another television deal

    Internet comedy sensation Kelly Oxford has been entertaining followers for nearly 15 years as a blogger and, most recently, as one of the most high profile Twitter stars. Her unfiltered sense of humor has garnered her praise and fans from all over the comedy world and entertainment industry types including, but definitely not limited to, Michael Ian Black, Jason Segel, Jessica Alba and Patton Oswalt. Oxford began blogging, and then Tweeting, as an outlet for her personal writing during her daily life as a housewife and mother of three. What began as a hobby, has turned into a full-fledged career with Oxford who just landed a TV deal with NBC.

    With an upcoming book of essays (Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar), television appearances and many profiles on the writer from Calgary, Oxford is on a winning streak bringing her ruthless, sometimes controversial, humor to larger audiences– and her new show on NBC is sure to help. The show is currently untitled but the single camera production is being described as an ensemble comedy centered around a couple in the midst of a divorce and their attempt to raise their family alongside the wife’s overbearing sister’s brood. Friends veteran Ungerleider is one of the show’s executive producers. Although a deal has been struck, Oxford has warned famous Twitter friends, actress Kristen Bell and Community (also on NBC) showrunner Dan Harmon — both offered her congratulations — that it’s not a done deal. The pilot still needs to be shot. Oxford will know next month whether the show gets picked up for a proper season.

    In a profile earlier this year with Paste magazine Oxford said “I think I made a decision early on that I’m just going to be totally honest, and if that means some people are turned off, then I guess they’re turned off. People are so busy putting on a good face for everyone, it feels good to just accept that some of my thoughts aren’t palatable. I wrote with a pseudonym for so long, this feels so much better.”

    Oxford isn’t the first Twitter account to be developed into a TV show (Shit My Dad Says was on CBS, but ultimately failed); looking to social media outlets has become commonplace for networks to not only reach out to their audiences, but also find new ideas for their programming. And it’s not even the first time Oxford earned television success due to her Twitter feed. She sold a pilot to CBS last year, although nothing has come of that. And while it may take some time for a mainstream audience to warm up to Oxford‘s sense of humor, over 260,000 Twitter followers can’t be wrong and NBC obviously agrees.

    Chelsea Dallas Falato

    Chelsea spends her days employed by a small entertainment company in New Jersey making mix CDs while listening to comedy podcasts. Her nights are spent watching more television than any one person should. Also, she's on Twitter (@chelseadallas).

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