• Viacom drops Daily Show, Colbert Report from online viewing due to DirecTV dispute

    Maybe a lot of viewers weren’t too upset to learn this week that DirecTV had dropped Viacom networks — including Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and VH1 — because our favorite shows were still available online. But now that has changed.

    As the battle over increased fees escalates, Viacom’s latest move was to cut Internet access to streaming episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, and several other top shows in response to DirecTV’s marketing of the Internet videos as an alternative to the full networks. A few bits of luck: The Daily Show and Colbert are on hiatus right now, and Futurama remains available online. Hopefully the suits will resolve the dispute before viewers — both those who rely on DirecTV service and those who were just watching online anyway — have to miss out on any satirical news coverage.

    But so far, a resolution does not seem imminent, as DirecTV CEO Mark White told Bloomberg that his company and Viacom remain “pretty far apart” in the dispute.

    Dana Sitar

    Dana Sitar is a freelance comedy journalist trying to answer the question “What is it like to be a comedian?” She shares this quest and other tips from the writer's life at DanaSitar.com and on Twitter @DanaSitar

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