• Video: Comedian Joe DeRosa's spin on TV blooper shows

    Comedian Joe DeRosa has a serious knack for making his audience laugh while simultaneously making their hearts weep with horror. If you don’t yet own his album The Depression Auction, which we named one of the best albums of 2010, then you need to get it; you’ll know, in great detail, why we described his comedy the way we did above.

    For the time being, you should check out this Atom.com original, wherein DeRosa takes the tired genre of family-friendly comedy television and filters it through his tortured brain. We find the comedian hosting a show innocently titled Television’s Silliest Blunders and Slip-Ups. But that’s where the G-rating ends. Check it out.

    Click the image below to snag yourself a copy of DeRosa’s The Depression Auction.

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