VIDEO: Laughspin Podcast with Robert Kelly, Rachel Feinstein, Kurt Metzger, Andrew Schulz

Since I started covering comedy in 2005 – when Laughspin was called Punchline Magazine – the world of comedy has exponentially grown in popularity. Back then there was a handful of comedy festivals in the United States; now, there’s well over 50. More comedians are headlining theaters and comedy programming on television is everywhere. It used to be Comedy Central, along with HBO and Showtime to a much lesser degree, were the only smallscreen purveyors of comedy. Now, it seems every basic cable network is programming original comedy.

The rise in comedy’s popularity has, in large part, technology to thank. Comedians can now build their own audiences through social media and podcasts, can upload their own videos on YouTube, Vimeo and more. And even if comedians go through traditional channels to produce content (ie Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime) that same content can have second and third lives through streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle and others.

Talented comedians that would’ve remained underground in 2005 now have a relatively better chance of getting noticed. Of course, with the rise of easy technology comes a flood of less-than-talented comedians. So, yeah, there’s a lot more noise comedians need to compete against. It’s not all roses. And that concept – technology’s give and take for comedians – was the topic of conversation at our live Laughspin Podcast on Jan. 10 at Fontana’s during the New York Podfest.

I assembled a stellar panel of comedians, including Robert Kelly, Kurt Metzger, Rachel Feinstein and Andrew Schulz. Also on hand was Huffington Post Comedy editor Katla McGlynn, who hosts her own podcast Too Long; Didn’t Listen, which you should check out. During the 45 minute discussion we had some laughs, told some stories and gained some insight on the topic on hand.

Watch the entire episode of The Laughspin Podcast below. Filmed and edited by Derek Scancarelli.

Or, you can stream it. Or you can head over to iTunes to download. Enjoy!


And…here’s that audio version I was telling you guys about. Amazing, yeah?

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Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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