• Videos: Conan ends NYC week with Louis C.K., Triumph, Stewart, Colbert and a gay wedding!

    Last night’s Conan, the show’s final New York City taping, was so epic that we couldn’t just pick one highlight to share with you guys. If I had to choose, the return of Triumph was the best part of the show. But, really, Louis C.K.’s appearance, the surprise drop-ins from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and the heartwarming gay marriage Conan officiated made for outstanding television. So, instead of choosing, we’re going to drop all that video here, starting (of course) with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s occupation of Occupy Wall Street. Sit back and get ready to laugh your genitals off.

    Early in the show, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert dropped by Conan. The crowd was just a little excited to see the pair of cable giants.

    Louis C.K. dropped by to talk about why he hates Twitter, how he was accidentally found himself in George W. Bush’s motorcade and how he plans on distributing his new hour-long comedy special.

    Before Conan could legally officiate a wedding– same-sex or otherwise, he had get ordained. It wasn’t an easy process. Yes it was. Check it out below.

    And then the show ended with the sincerely heartwarming wedding. For real. I’m not joking. If this doesn’t move you — even a little — you are a horrible person.

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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