Was Alec Baldwin’s appearance on SNL as an American Airlines pilot a good move?

Last Wednesday, 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin was ejected from an American Airlines flight after he refused to shut down his phone and proceeded to throw a bit of a hissy fit. It delayed the flight’s take off but perhaps more importantly, it reminded us all that although he’s easy to like, Baldwin has a storied history of losing his cool. You no doubt remember the voice mail to his daughter that was leaked years ago, wherein he calls her a “rude thoughtless pig” and he’s had some altercations with photographers– and we think he ate a live baby once. The point is, he’s a hot head.

So, in an effort to diffuse this most recent faux pas, Baldwin appeared as a surprise guest on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” alongside Seth Meyers. Baldwin portrayed the pilot of his flight. Check it out below.

So, the question is: Was this the right course of action to take? Baldwin had already apologized for delaying the flight last week on Huffington Post. Should he have left it at that? Should Baldwin have been a little more self-deprecating during the bit? Sound off in the comments section!

Laughspin Staff

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