• Watch all 13 episodes of ‘Burning Love’ here!

    Attention, American citizens, housewives, trashy television watchers everywhere: hunky bachelor Mark Orlando did it! He did what mini reality series Burning Love set out for him to do– he found himself a wife! Yes, America, rejoice, and hey! Hold the press, USA Today— some people aren’t all caught up yet.

    For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Burning Love is a reality show spoof starring Ken Marino, written by Erica Oyama (Children’s Hospital) who is also Marino’s awesome, real-life wife. The show is true to form and feels just like The Bachelor except it’s a Web series, so the episodes are shorter and Natasha Leggero never wears pants (hooray!). There’s plenty of bleeping, drama, and a gorgeous house to go around. Michael Ian Black (as host Bill Tundle), Kristen Bell, Adam Scott, Ben Stiller stud the cast, plus a lot more people and cameos from Paul Scheer, Matt Besser, Kerri Kenney and way too many names to list (who do you think I am? IMDB?)

    The finale premiered yesterday with Orlando proposing to one of his final two. Will he pick the brazen Carly or sweet, pretty Annie? I’ll never tell but boy, are we happy for you, Mark! Below, we’ve provided you with all 13 episodes from the Yahoo! comedy channel so you can embark on Mark’s happy ending (both kinds, heh heh) again or for the first time. Watch ’em all! And be sure to stay tuned for a reunion episode on Monday!

    Episode 14 (The Reunion Special):

    Stay tuned…

    Samantha Simon

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