Watch an extended ’30 Rock’ preview, plus how will Kim Jong Il’s death affect the storyline?

Well, my dears, we have been given a 30 Rock sneak peek from the heavens above. (You know it’s returning to NBC on Jan. 12 at 8 pm ET, right?) And oh! What a peek it is.

First, we find out that Liz has a super-hot boyfriend (played by James Marsden. Meow.) who makes her hot dogs, which basically means he’s perfect. But for some reason Jack does not like him. Does Jack want Liz to be alone since he is? Since Avery has been captured in North Korea, he’s a single Dad to Liddy. Of course, in light of recent events, my big concern is whether or not Avery comes back since Kim Jong-Il is dead in real life. Of course, Elizabeth Banks (Avery) has noted this concern on Twitter but hasn’t said anything one way or the other. Will there be massive re-writes? We’ll have to wait and see.

Also, I’m sad that we will likely not see Margaret Cho again. Or at least not in the capacity that I had hoped. She makes a damn fine North Korean dictator.

There are an amazing cast of guest stars this season (Will Arnett, Denise Richards and Kelsey Grammer included) and comedian Kristen Schaal joins the cast as a new page who admires Liz the way most of us 20-30-40-something women with a dream of being a television writer do. Also, I admire real life Kristen Schaal that way, so this season might actually give me some kind of paralysis. Worth it.

A few other observations:

  • Baldwin is looking hella skinny in this. Do not like.
    Liz in a bra. As per usual, I approve.
    Denise Richards is funny? I’m down.
    Banks is back!

Finally, in an on-set interview Baldwin says that the more they do the show, the more fun it is. So I ask him: Why must you forsake us, sir? Why are you LEAVING? I’m so excited for this season, and more excited to be writing recaps here at Laughspin every week! Until January, my friends.

Meagan Kate

Meagan Kate is a Portland, Oregon writer and comic. She has been laughed at by audiences at The Brody Theater, The Someday Lounge, Theatre! Theater! and other venues that provide her with the validation she has yet to receive from a long-term relationship. She says things at and you can follow her @MeaganKate.

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