Watch Bill Burr’s ‘critically acclaimed’ tour of Santa Monica and Venice

Bill Burr should have his own show on the Travel Channel. If you’re wondering what a surly red-head from Massachusetts would say about places he would visit, wonder no more. Burr, with the help from skilled video comedy journo Thomas Attila Lewis, has made web videos where he gives his own personal tour of cities he’s visiting. Unlike, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain and more like An Idiot Abroad (without the physical stunts), Burr has less interest in deciding whether to make a place sound and look alluring and more interest in dishing out his “look at this fuckin’ thing” type of opinions.

And in case you don’t know, Burr’s opinion is pretty hilarious. Just watch his tour of Santa Monica and Venice, CA and you’ll see why there should be a Bill Burr Travel Channel show (even though this is NSFW).

PS: Bill, please consider this the critical acclaim for your video series of which you are so deserving.

You can watch the rest of Burr’s tours here.

Jake Kroeger

Jake Kroeger has dedicated his life, for better or probably worse, to comedy. Starting and continually running the Comedy Bureau, a voice for LA comedy, by himself, he also writes and performs stand-up comedy in LA and watches more live comedy than is probably humanly tolerable. He's been a daily contributor to Punchline Magazine, now because he loves and believes in comedy so much. Said of Kroeger, "...without his dangerously insane, unhealthy work ethic, certain comics would not have any press at all."

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