• Watch Cartman lead a game of Texans vs. Mexicans on new episode of “South Park”

    Cartman turns his sights on border-crossing Mexicans in this week’s new South Park episode, “The Last of the Meheecans.” In the preview clip below, the boys are playing a relatively innocent game of ‘Texans vs. Mexicans.’ But this is South Park, so chances of things staying innocent are very slim.

    Eric Cartman is a diabolical bigot, but he’s effective. In the past, he’s been dangerously talented at persecuting Jews, hippies, gingers, poor people and Family Guy. If he’s now turning the attention of his megalomaniacal, sociopathic racism to the the U.S.-Mexico border, there’s a good chance that he’s the one Minuteman in America who might actually succeed at securing the border and catching illegales.

    The question is, as always, how far will Cartman go before an ironic comeuppance stops his plan in its tracks? All will be revealed on Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

    Paul Ciampanelli

    Paul Ciampanelli recently transplanted from New England to Los Angeles in order to be at the heart of the comedy scene in the City of Angels. A longtime comedy fan, he was watching reruns of The Kids in the Hall on Comedy Central and listening to George Carlin and Robert Klein albums with his folks at the age of 11. In addition to writing, he studies improv and sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. He also likes apples, cartoons and cats. Meow!

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