Watch Chris Hardwick’s promise to Emma Stone: “I will never shit on your feet”

By now, you’ve no doubt seen Jim Carrey’s video love letter to actress Emma Stone. In it, he all-too-earnestly (or jokingly?) professes his love for the much-younger Stone, whilst pointing out the fact that he (Carrey) is not the appropriate age for her. We talked a little about it yesterday. It’s obviously gone viral (nearly 700,000 views as of this posting) and has already spawned a handful of parody responses. But this one from comedian Chris Hardwick, who just posted it on Funny Or Die, really nails it. And Honestly, though Hardwick, too, is older than the Easy A actress — she’s 22; Hardwick is 39 — I think she’d be better off with a dude who promises never to murder or cook her. Amiright?

He also makes this promise: “I’d take you to drug stores and help you pick out your ever-changing hair color. Burnt Sienna is my favorite.” Emma, don’t be stupid. Seize the day. And to the rest of you reading this: check out the video below. You may want to use headphones; the audio is a tad soft.

And for reference, here’s Carrey’s original video:

Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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