Watch: Dave Chappelle’s opening SNL monologue

In what was arguably the most anticipated episode of Saturday Night Live in recent history due, in part, to our recent presidential election, in which American lost their fucking minds and sort of election and insane sociopath to our highest office and, in part, due to Dave Chappelle hosting the show, the veteran comedian delivered a wholly hilarious and thoughtful stand-up set.

“Why do we have to say that black lives matter?” Chappelle asked about the movement that begged so many headlines this past year. “Now, I admit that is not the best slogan but Mc Donald’s already took “You deserve a break today. And I guess it’s kinda catchy because everyone else is biting it. Even the police are biting it– Blue Lives Matter! What, was you born a police? That is not a blue life. That a blue suit. You don’t like it, take that suit off and find another job. Because I’ll tell you right now if I could quit being black today, I’d be out of the game.”

By Chappelle’s set end, he tells a personal story about how he feels we’ve come a long way in the United States accepting the black community. He says that he’ll give Trump a chance to prove he’ll give black people’s lives (and all historically disenfranchised lives) a chance. And that’s all swell. But I really wish Chappelle would’ve taken this opportunity to ask Donald Trump to perhaps speak out against the KKK’s support of his presidency, or at least ask Trump to condemn the increase in racist incidents since Trump’s election.


Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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