• Watch Jon Lajoie totally uncensored on Comedy Central + premiere of new music video

    You’ve seen him on the Internet. You’ve seen him on the FX show The League. Now, strap yourself in and for Jon Lajoie performing live and uncensored on your television screen.

    It goes down Saturday night – Sunday morning, technically – at 1:30 a.m. EST on Comedy Central. If you haven’t seen Lajoie’s musical comedy shtick before, you’ve been missing out. But now, you can make up for lost time— and lost laughs.

    The Canadian star launched to fame three years ago after posting a video on YouTube for his song “High As Fuck”; he’s since released an album featuring a collection of his best songs.

    Though this special has aired previously on Comedy Central, this is the first time it’ll be seen uncensored.

    But that’s not all. Along with Lajoie’s half-hour long stand-up you also get the bonus premiere of his new music video for “Pop Song.” Today Comedy Central released a small taste of the video. Check it out below!

    Jon Lajoie – Pop Song Sneak Peak

    Check out our interview and more videos with Lajoie here.

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