• Watch Jonah Hill swear at children in “The Sitter” red band trailer

    After watching this red band trailer for Jonah Hill’s upcoming flick, The Sitter, I’ve been inspired to swear at my nearly three-year-old son a lot more. Why? Because it’s funny. At least it is when Hill does it to the kids he’s babysitting in the flick. Now that I think about it, maybe I’ll just watch The Sitter when it hits theaters on Dec. 9. I assume my kid will already be in therapy by the time he’s 20; no need to push him there sooner.

    Anyway, The Sitter, directed by David Gordon Green — the dude behind Pineapple Express and Your Highness — looks like a fun date flick, with just the right amount of twisted comedy. It centers around Hill’s character who’s forced into babysitting some kids but then he gets a call from a chick who promises to blow him and then Hill’s character drags the kids out into the night because he wants to get blown, ya know? Wacky shit ensues, as you’d imagine. Check it out.

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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