• WATCH Kathleen Madigan – Bothering Jesus clips!

    Kathleen Madigan has, over the last decade or so, become one of the most consistently skilled comedians in the world—thanks, in no small part, to her ability to touch on everything from the mundane to weightier life issues (religion, politics) without drastically dividing her audience. It’s a nearly impossible balance that few comedians can achieve. Madigan does it with ease. It’s why she’s been able to make nearly 20 stand-up appearances on the Tonight Show and Late Show combined.

    On her latest hour comedy special, Bothering Jesus – now streaming on Netflix – the Missouri-bred, Los Angeles-based comic further proves her top-comic status. The perfect follow-up to 2013’s Madigan Again and 2011’s Gone Madigan, Kathleen mines material from her huge Irish-American family, a hillbilly fishing practice called “noodling,” drinking wine and watching House Hunters on HGTV and so much more.

    Check out a pair of clips from Bothering Jesus and then immediately get thee to Netflix to watch the entire thing.


    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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