• Watch Louis C.K. and friends contemplate busboy's life in "Louie" extra scene

    With the premiere of the second season of Louie hitting FX this Thursday at 10:30 pm EST, the ever-giving Louis C.K. gifted the Internet mere moments ago with this extra scene from the first season of the show. Oh, and you should know that said first season is out on DVD and Blu-ray today. So, you should buy the shit out of that. Just click the image below.

    For now, check out six minutes of pure Louie, wherein the man himself and comedian friends Todd Barry, Nick Di Paolo and Rick Shapiro (you might remember his dick from HBO’s Lucky Louie) have an existential chat about the life of a busboy. Shot at New York City’s Comedy Cellar (and also featuring comedian Rachel Feinstein as the waitress), this is a scene — although never used for an official episode — really embodies the tone of this genius show.

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