• Watch Louis C.K. try to act fancy and then handcuff Adam Scott to a urinal on Parks and Rec

    Not that Parks and Recreation needs much help in order to be consistently hilarious, but it surely didn’t hurt that Louis C.K. guest starred on last night’s episode. You may remember C.K.’s recurring character, Dave Sanderson, a Pawnee police officer who was once romantically involved in Leslie (Amy Poehler). Well, he’s back from San Diego and ready to marry his ex. The only problem, of course, is that Leslie is happily back with Ben (Adam Scott); remember they broke up for a while to eliminate any conflict of interests during Leslie’s campaign for city council and then eventually said, ‘fuck it all’ because love rules. Of course you remember.

    Anyway, if you missed last night’s episode or you just wanted to relive the super awkward magic between this trio, check out the pair of clips below. In the first, Dave tries to convince Ben to give him three minutes alone with Leslie. Ben’s not biting. And in the latter clip, Dave attempts to explain why he loves Leslie so much and why all those other ladies he banged in San Diego didn’t mean anything. Enjoy!

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