• Watch Randy Liedtke’s bizarrely hilarious set on Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Continuing on his wave of recent shine, stand-up comedian Randy Liedtke had a stellar and altogether nonsensical set on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Liedtke is a great stand-up in his own right, but is more well known as the guy who posed as a Pace Picante Salsa employee, created and commandeered their Twitter page, and ultimately managed to prank fellow comedian Kyle Kinane last year. And let’s not forget his brief but memorable appearance on the most recent season of Last Comic Standing, wherein Roseanne Barr told the comedian he was “odd” and encouraged him to start smoking pot.

    Following the Twitter stunt, (that luckily ended in no legal action) Liedtke, co-host of The Bone Zone podcast, has been getting more attention, recently appearing on Adam Devine’s House Party, and his Ron Funches-like giggle coupled with his crafty misdirection made his set one of the better in recent memory on Meyers’ show. Try not to get frustrated at how many times he tricks you below

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    Rodrigo Torrejon

    Rodrigo Torrejon is a journalist/writer technically based out of New Jersey, but a New York native on Tinder. He loves medium-rare steak, the outdoors, but most of all, comedy. He also writes and curates a music and culture blog at thisisson.blogspot.com.

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