Watch Sarah Silverman’s latest message to the world

Think before you speak, and take a fucking beat! These are wise words from Sarah Silverman in a PSA dedicated to the cause of not saying mean things to people under the “Take a fucking beat” (TAFB) campaign. Silverman is a highly appropriate spokesperson to the cause as a seasoned veteran of offending people. The campaign is in promotion of the 2012 Do Something Awards, a national awards show for community service volunteers, which airs tonight at 9 pm ET on VH1.

Watch Silverman in the video below take something mean she was going to say and turn it into something nice! It goes to show that good deeds can start small! Thanks, Sarah!

Samantha Simon

Samantha is a writer, musician, person living in New York City. She enjoys cooking and talking about her mom. Follow her on Twitter: @smoochiecoochie.

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