• Watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s opening monologue at the Golden Globes

    Saturday Night Live alumni Tina Fey and now-Golden Globe-winner Amy Poehler took to the stage together to host the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards telecast for the second year in a row (and they’ll be back to host it again in 2015). As usual the duo knocked it out of the park, poking just enough fun at everyone in attendance (except for the scary Hollywood Foreign Press Association). I’d give you a preview of some of the jokes they make in their opening monologue for the “71st Annual Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Lee Daniel’s The Butler Golden Globe Awards” (oops, I just did), but why don’t you watch for yourself? They have way better timing than my writing does.

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    Billy Procida

    Laughspin editor-in-chief Billy Procida is a stand-up comedian in New York City. He hosts The Manwhore Podcast where he talks to women he's hooked up with about sex, dating, and why they didn't work out. Reach him on Twitter.

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