Watch Tracy Morgan talk about his new fiancee, 30 Rock and why he hates wearing underwear

In exactly one week (Jan. 12), season six of 30 Rock will premiere on NBC at 8 pm ET. And like they do in the biz, the cast has been making the rounds on the television to help promote this fact. Alec Baldwin even got thrown off a plane! Although it wasn’t officially a publicity push for the show, we all know it worked out pretty OK for the man.

So last night, Tracy Morgan dropped by the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote the new season of 30 Rock— on purpose. And I’ve noticed something about Morgan; he’s the perfect interview subject for Leno, a guy who’s famously horrible at conducting interviews (he’s got other strengths!). You basically need no interview skills to interview Morgan. He just talks over you, anyway. You say one word and he’ll go off for a solid minute. Easy breezy.

Included in Morgan’s most recent ramblings-to-Leno: his love for the original Planet of the Apes (check out his dramatic impression of Dr. Zaius), the importance of SPAM in a bad economy, his quest to find Sasquatch, his new fiance (“She’s really smart. She gets it…We’re gonna have some kids.”) and the reason he never wears underwear. Check it out below.

Check out an extended video preview of 30 Rock‘s new season!

Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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