WATCH: When your train announcer has an existential crisis (Exclusive)

Throughout the course of a day our busy lives usually prevent our minds to stay still for too long, lest we start reflecting on who we really are and what we’re really doing with our lives. But deep down we know those thoughts exist—those thoughts that beg us to remain in our warm beds despite that pesky job, that convince us that staying home and rocking back and forth on our couches while watching The Princess Bride instead of going to that party we were invited to are much better ideas. Reality is hard, you guys. And that’s why we find any means necessary to tamp down those always-brewing existential crises.

But there’s always the possibility that while we’re doing an outstanding job of denying our feelings throughout the day someone or some thing will ruin it all, will take us out of our safe place. Not cool. Even less cool if that someone or some thing was the loudspeaker announcer on your subway commute. We expect those announcements to be cold and robotic, devoid of emotional challenges to us. Well, that’s not exactly the case in the video “The MTA Has An Existenstial Crisis,” created by comedian Gianmarco Soresi. Check out the video below, created under Soresi’s Matza Pizza sketch series, which is described as “an exploration of everything Gianmarco Soresi dislikes about himself and the world.”


The video was produced by Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand / Edge In Motion; Andy Zou directed and edited and the announcer (Soresi, himself) was recorded at Hyperbolic Audio.

PRO TIP! For those of you who don’t live in or around New York, the MTA is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. If that mentally takes you out of the moment during this video, replace “MTA” with whatever form of mass transportation you take.

You are welcome.


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