• What does Yvette Nicole Brown need to do to convince Sandra Bullock to guest on Community?

    For years now, Yvette Nicole Brown (aka Shirley on Community) has been saying she’d love for Sandra Bullock to make a guest appearance on NBC’s cult favorite. But, alas, it hasn’t happened. ”I would love if she would come and do something on the show,” Brown says in the below video. “I know that’s a pipe dream. That’s the one I’ll be wishing for until the show ends.”

    In addition to once again planting the seed for the Oscar-winning actress, Brown also hints at what to expect on season four, which starts Feb. 7 at 8 pm ET. Britta (Gillian Jacobs) and Troy (Donald Glover) “get closer” and, we finally get to see Pierce’s family mansion, which, up until now, has only been seen through 8-bit graphics and the study group’s imagination.

    Check out the full video below!

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