• What will Zach Galifianakis be smoking on 'Real Time with Bill Maher' tomorrow night?

    zach galifianakisThe last time comedian Zach Galifianakis popped into HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, he cause a bit of a stir when he sparked up a joint during the show. It went down last October right before California residents were to vote on Prop 19 , which proposed the legalization of certain marijuana use (the prop didn’t pass).

    And Zach will return to the show tomorrow, we’re told.

    The video of Zach’s puffing went all viral (and has since vanished from the Internets. A rep for Galifianakis, when asked for a comment said, “I believe it was a prop.” A rep for HBO also insisted it was a fake. But one of the other guests on the show that night, Margaret Hoover — a Fox News correspondent — smelled the “prop” and said it was the real thing. We’re willing to believe Hoover.

    Anyway, tomorrow night Zach returns to the show. We hope he’ll give us some juicy bits on the upcoming season of Bored To Death. But more importantly, we’re looking forward to Zach doing something bizarre– in his trademark subtle, understated way. We’ll be watching on HBO at 10 pm EST tomorrow night.

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