When comedians write poetry

Often, the context in which poetry and comedy come together is one of ridicule. Many comedians will poke fun at the unchecked artistic license in being maudlin, depressing, alienating and overly political; these are things that poets are often guilty of. Yet, what’s hardly seen and noticed is funny people actually writing poetry and making it funny. Believe it or not, it does happen and it’s written by some of the funniest people in comedy.

Elizabeth Laime, winner of the Earwolf Podcast Challenge and host of the Totally Laime Podcast, regularly writes poems on her Tumblr that harkens to the sarcastic and confessional words of American Poet Charles Bukowski, but in her own laid-back, goofy way with the convenience of Instagram. See below.

Jesse Case is absolutely one of those “Funniest Comedians That People Don’t Know.” He has an undeniably shrewd wit that comes out in his sharply written jokes in the minimalist Japanese form of poetry known as “haiku” posted at his blog, Bullshit Reference.

Megan Amram has become virtually famous, literally, as @MeganAmram on Twitter. People sometimes forget that Amram is more than competent at writing things longer than 140 characters including poems, which are are as referential and untied to a rhyme scheme as any beat poem from the sixties.

Brett Gelman (pictured above), a regular performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade and host of his own Earwolf podcast, Gelmania, is known for delving into the humor of the grotesque. Just check out his blog or see him perform and make fun of things that are generally considered to be uncomfortable by most people. That’s why his poem about death is pretty damn funny.

Comedian Pete Holmes is not a poet. He doesn’t even write poems once every few years, randomly. However, on his critically acclaimed album Impregnated with Wonder there’s an entire track dedicated to Holmes yelling things that rhyme like beers and Pierce just for the sheer joy of hearing things rhyme. That just might be the purest form of poetry ever recorded– even though it’s technically a joke.

Hope this post gives you a new respect for poetry!

Jake Kroeger

Jake Kroeger has dedicated his life, for better or probably worse, to comedy. Starting and continually running the Comedy Bureau, a voice for LA comedy, by himself, he also writes and performs stand-up comedy in LA and watches more live comedy than is probably humanly tolerable. He's been a daily contributor to Punchline Magazine, now Laughspin.com because he loves and believes in comedy so much. Said of Kroeger, "...without his dangerously insane, unhealthy work ethic, certain comics would not have any press at all."

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