• ‘Whitney’ gets a premiere date and ‘Animal Practice’ gets canceled but what’s the deal with ‘Community?’

    The good news is that after NBC announced Whitney’s second season premiere date and then announced it wouldn’t premiere on that date, Whitney finally has a premiere date (again): Nov. 14 at 8 pm ET leading into the Jimmy Fallon-produced Guys with Kids. The good news gets better because Whitney was originally set to air in the same time slot, but on Friday, which is where shows go to die a slow, painful and embarrassing death. The bad news belongs to freshman comedy Animal Practice, which has been canceled after weeks of poor ratings.

    This, of course, begs the question: What the hell is happening with Community? Like Whitney, the cult comedy had its season premiere date taken away with no formal plans to announce a new one. If the Whitney move is part of an overriding strategy at the network, it makes sense that Community may take the place of Guys with Kids, which has been doing only ever-so-slightly better than Animal Practice. The second, more important question, is this: Will Crystal the Monkey (who played Dr. Rizzo on Animal Practice) now have more time to reprise her role as Annie’s Boobs on Community?

    This reshuffling comes on the heels of Dane Cook’s upcoming show Next Caller getting axed even before it aired but after filming four episodes.

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