• Who is Lilly Singh? 7 of her funniest YouTube moments

    With the news that Lilly Singh will replace Carson Daly on NBC’s late night line-up, many may be wondering, “Who is Lilly Singh?” We compiled your essential guide to the Indian-Canadian comedian who has been called the “Beyoncé of YouTube.” As well as being one of the platform’s highest-paid stars, IISuperwomanII, as she’s known online, is known for her signature mix of comedy that blends pop culture, stereotypes, and positivity into side-splitting sketches. A Little Late with Lilly Singh will feature celebrity interviews as well as pre-taped comedy sketches and other “signature elements.”

    Singh is a master of the short format and a prolific creator, both ideal ingredients for a late night TV host. Networks have taken a variety of adjustments to the digital age, from premium subscription offshoots a la CBS All Access to an increased output of comedy shorts like Conan O’Brien’s deal with TBS. Singh will join Trevor Noah as the only millennial in late night, shifting the content to younger audiences with shorter attention spans.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the YouTube phenomenon, here are some of Singh’s finest moments ahead of her late night hosting debut.

    1. How Girls Get Ready

    Singh demystifies just why it takes women so long to get ready for a night out and showcases the relatable comedy her fans have grown to love.

    2. How to Make a Migos Song

    Knowing your audience are either watching rap videos or filming their own versions in their bedroom is central to Singh’s popularity. Here she breaks down how to write a hit song complete with high-end props for an authentic baller video. Plus, who doesn’t like to see someone lounge on a Ferrari eating a banana whilst rapping about snot?

    3. 5 Ways Parents Drive you Insane!

    Jokes about parents are nothing new, but there’s something about the way Singh mines her family’s Indian culture for in-jokes and then reframes them in an endearing way that makes this aspect of her comedy so appealing.

    4. How to Make a Sandwich

    We all know how-to videos are the bread and butter of YouTube (pun intended), but Singh serves hers with a side of sass and some social commentary in How to Make a Sandwich. Watch below and delight in her sharp takedown of some trolls.

    5. Comedy Skit With Dr. Phil Gone Wrong

    Singh’s ability to satirize will make her a great addition to the late night landscape. Below, she collaborates with Dr. Phil to explore what happens when things go wrong. Who doesn’t want advice from America’s favorite fake doctor?

    6. The Time My Real Parents React To My Instagram Pictures

    Whilst her audience typically spends a lot of time hiding their Instagram antics from their parents, Singh often mines her mother and father for material. Opening herself up to ridicule by her folks but also sharing the warmth of their reactions makes for innocent comedy which has a broad appeal.

    7. Newly Friend Game Ft. Selena Gomez

    You only have to look at the success of The Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke to know the appeal of a host that can gel with talent. Singh knows how to handle celebrities and can bring out their softer and sillier side. Here she plays the Newly Friend Game with the one and only Selena Gomez.

    Gemma Lacey

    Gemma Lacey is a British writer and associate editor of PUSS PUSS Magazine, a biannual publication for culture lovers, who just happen to love cats. When she's not stalking down Chloe Sevigny or Tyler the Creator for interviews she can be found nerding out over records, exploring the LA music scene and spending half her life stuck in traffic on the 110.

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