Who’s left to host the Oscars? (List)

Once Kevin Hart was announced as next year’s Academy Awards host, the internet dug up old homophobic tweets leading to a mess of controversy. Last night, the Get Hard star announced that he would be stepping down as this year’s Oscar host. Now the Academy is back to square one. Picking a host for the 2019 Oscars has been a difficult task. The Hollywood Reporter published a viral take on why no one should want to host the Oscars earlier this week.  So Laughspin is here to help! We have compiled a list of comedy stars we would like to see up on 2019’s biggest award show stage.

Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones

We already know Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones have great chemistry. From Saturday Night Live to Ghostbusters, these two feed perfectly off each other. It could be like when Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosted the Golden Globes (thrice). Can you see it? Jones in a perfect Christian Siriano dress, McKinnon probably in a suit. They would look perfect up on that stage. Plus, McKinnon was great at the 2018 Emmys, so we already know that she can command an award show audience.

Billy Eichner

If you want to distance yourself from a homophobic scandal, the best remedy is to get a gay icon. Billy Eichner is a slightly unconventional choice, but he sleeps, eats, and breaths celebrity culture. He’s the kind of host who will have actually seen all the movies and already knows every industry secret. He could pull off doing a song for the opener and practically oozes Broadway glamor. He has been on top of all the 2019 Oscar news and has been a fair voice without compromising his integrity as a gay man. That is the kind of attitude that the Oscars need to recover from Hart stepping down.

Tiffany Haddish

Kevin Hart’s Night School co-star Tiffany Haddish is the Oscars host we need right now, and the Academy should have asked her before Hart (maybe they did, maybe they didn’t). How fun would a Haddish-led Oscars be? You just know she would bring an amazing energy to the stage and keep the too-long telecast funny even in hour four. She’s got the heat behind her even if her celebrity status is much newer than Hart’s.

Seth Meyers

Sometimes you need a safe pick for your list. The Oscars love giving the hosting job to a (white) man that already hosts something every night. Late night television has always been a breeding ground for Oscar hosts. Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart, Johnny Carson, and David Letterman have all hosted. Having the well-liked Late Night host would be a classic move for the Academy. Seth Meyers has great politics, but isn’t as political as John Oliver or Samantha Bee, who could be good choices for name recognition amongst young people but might not be able to pull off the camp factor needed at award shows. He’s an NBC guy, but the show is less than 3 months away and the Academy (I mean, ABC, I mean, Disney) may have to make a consolation.

Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes is a comedy legend and LGBTQ icon. She would bring decades of comedy experience to the stage. She came out as a lesbian while fighting for same-sex marriage in California and has publically championed grassroots organizations that work with homeless and abused LQBTQ youth.  She has never stopped becuase “that’s gay.” But more importantly, she is funny and deserved recognition before this whole scandal. She would be a great host, even Eichner agrees:

Terry Crews

While his Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star Andy Samberg is hosting the Golden Globes, we could have Terry Crews for the Oscars. Last year, the Oscars championed Time’s Up. What better way to keep that momentum going than having a survivor of sexual harassment host the night? Crews is a deeply thoughtful person who also shines as an unlikely comedic actor. It is the perfect juxtaposition to host a night like the Oscars where a host has to balance the gravitas of the night while making people laugh.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele
This comedy duo could reunite for Hollywood’s biggest night. Jordan Peele produced BlacKkKlansman while Keegan-Michael Key is in the upcoming Lion King remake (made by Disney which owns the network airing the Oscars). They are also reuniting as voices in Toy Story 4 (also Disney). Aside from being funny, they are becoming Hollywood royalty. Peele won an Academy Award for his film Get Out last year and gave an iconic speech.

Patton Oswalt
If Stephen King personally thinks you should host the Oscars, maybe you should host the Oscars? Or at least get on a few lists.

Okay, but let’s get serious…

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Hamilton is still selling out—and they’re on their third Alexander Hamilton. The Mary Poppins remake is already nominated for the Golden Globes. and the In The Heights movie is in pre-production. Let Lin-Manuel host. We all want it.

Rosa Escandon

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