• Why Dan Harmon created Community: ‘I needed a backyard to be buried in’ (VIDEO)

    Thanks to NerdistNews.com, this morning the comedy world was gifted with this stellar video interview with Community creator Dan Harmon and cast members Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown and Ken Jeong.

    The ever-humble and geeky Harmon explains how he found himself pitching a slightly more mainstream show than his brain would otherwise allow:

    I pitched the big networks ideas that were more mainstream. Mainstream ideas don’t even sound like ideas. They’re just like, “I worked at a pizza place when I was thirteen and it was crazy, because my uncle… he didn’t even like me.” That’s a whole pitch for them. And they would go, “The uncle thing is a little extreme.” So, I went to a community college and I had that tucked away and they were like, “That’s a great idea.” I was like, “I knew it.”

    Hilariously, he adds that he was just looking to finally make a few bucks before his liver died so he can buy a house. “I needed a backyard I could be buried in,” he says, adding “It was obvious at some point in the first season that we would not be back for a second season.”

    Well, we all know that Harmon was wrong, seeing as we’re sitting in the middle of season three! Let’s hope for a fourth, shall we? While we’re at it, check out the full aforementioned interview below!

    Laughspin Staff

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