• Why Louis C.K. analysis of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump voters is perfect (VIDEO)

    Last night Louis C.K. told Conan O’Brien why he’s voting for Hillary Clinton for president of the United States on Nov. 8. And in doing so, the veteran comedian laid out a perfect summation of the minds of those voting for Clinton, Trump or none of the above. “If you vote for Hillary you’re a grown up,” C.K. says. “If you vote for Trump you’re a sucker. If you don’t vote for anyone you’re an asshole.”

    This is plain, simple and, in my opinion, a totally accurate analysis. This election is going to be decided by two sets of people: mature and immature. Those mature people, those who think with nuance and depth, will see Hillary Clinton for what she is— A high-powered Washington insider who has achieved her current status, in part, by her extreme intelligence, drive and deep understanding of world politics and, in part, with the help of institutional corruption. That’s life. That’s politics. Go behind the scenes of any business – and American politics is a business – and you’re going to uncover some awful, disgusting, life-altering truths.

    Some of your favorite actors and actresses are complete pieces of shit. They’re liars; they cheat on their spouses all the time; they have venereal diseases; they fuck over people constantly to get roles and higher salaries. Your favorite sports heroes are rapists, wife beaters, drunk drivers and homophobes. Politicians are no different. The people you know and talk to every day are no different. Let’s not pretend anyone is inhumanly perfect.

    We’re only in the position to know some of Clinton’s unseemly activities because her emails were stolen and then made public. What Hillary Clinton has done (or has allegedly done) is no worse than anyone before here. It’s just that we, as of yet, don’t have access to, say, the emails of George W. Bush, the private letters of Ronald Reagan or the list of prostitutes Harry S. Truman employed (probably). Republican politicians and ultra-conservative newspapers across the country have endorsed Hillary Clinton because they see the threat Donald Trump poses to this country.

    So, it’s a matter of voting like a grownup, which means casting your ballot for someone who actually can do the job or voting like a child because Donald Trump — who knows as much as your average 10-year-old — best expresses your basest, laziest thoughts and desires.


    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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