• Will Ferrell makes a memorable, triumphant return to Saturday Night Live (13 videos)

    The highly-anticipated return of Will Ferrell to Saturday Night Live went down this past weekend, and it didn’t disappoint. From delivering the world’s most awkward Mother’s Day speech to running for the mayor of Funkytown to playing a husband with the world’s most obnoxious cough, Ferrell gave us giggles that rarely let up during the course of the episode. So, instead of picking and choosing our favorites, here’s 13 videos from Ferrell’s episode.

    The Cold Opening, wherein Fred Armisen’s Barack Obama is forced to deal with an pouty, angsty Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis), who’s been hiding George W. Bush (Ferrell, naturally) in his closet.

    Ferrell’s Mother’s Day speech:

    Ferrell plays Kristen Wiig’s husband in this hilarious Nasaflu commercial.

    Check out this women’s golfing sketch set in the mid 1990s. Will Forte guest stars and we get a quick glimpse of SNL writer (and host of Web series 7 Minutes in Heaven) Mike O’Brien.

    SNL celebrated its 100 Digital Short with this amazing rehashing of some of the best moments in the history of the recurring feature. How good is this clip? When the writers can make Justin Bieber seem funny, you know it’s a good feature.

    And here’s some Weekend Update highlights!

    Seth Meyers drops an excellent, poignant and, of course, funny editorial about that Time cover with the mom breastfeeding that giant child.

    Nicolas Cage (And Samberg) joins Liam Neeson behind the Weekend Update desk. Trash talking ensues.

    Will Ferrell faces some staunch opponents for mayor of Funkytown. Let the debate begin!

    The worst show to hit public access airwaves just might be Broadway Sizzle. Wiig, Bill Hader, Ferrell, Kenan Thompson and more show you why.

    In what wins the award for most bizarre sketch of the evening, Jason Sudeikis plays the well-meaning family member, onstage attempting to honor a couple who have made it 25 years in marriage. But he’s not the only one who wants the mic.

    In the second parody commercial of the night, Wiig introduces Hader to Almost Pizza, an (edible?) produce that’s MEANT to look like pizza!

    This last sketch didn’t make it to air, but the folks at NBC made it available. In it, Thompson and Ferrell sell their new sex moves instructional DVD.

    What did you think of Ferrell’s return? Which was your favorite sketch? Sound off in the comments section!

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