• Will you give Rob Schneider’s new sitcom a chance?

    A lot has been said – mostly negative – about Rob Schneider’s new sitcom Rob!, which premieres tonight at 8:30 pm ET on CBS. If you didn’t know, the show centers around Schneider’s character who is recently married to a young, tall, insanely gorgeous woman, who just happens to be… Mexican! No, not Mexican!

    It sounds like the classic odd couple + fish out of water scenario we’ve seen countless number of times on television shows and in movies. In this one, Rob is a Type-A personality – he’s so worried about the wrinkles in his white dress shirt that he can’t enjoy how amazingly hot his new wife looks in it (see video below) – and his wife (real-life Barcelonian Claudia Bassols) has a CRAAAAZY family. Because they’re Mexican, don’t you know. Oh, and Cheech Marin plays Rob’s father in law to add some comedy cred to the joint. Check out the preview below and sound off in the comments section.

    Will you give Rob a chance?

    Rob! premieres right after hugely popular Big Bang Theory. So if Schneider’s premiere tanks, it’s surely not a scheduling flaw. We’ll see what happens.

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