Will Zach Galifianakis avoid the curse of A Confederacy of Dunces?

Zach Galifianakis close to firming up a starring role in the film adaptation of John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces. James Bobin (The Muppets) is set to direct; Scott Rudin will produce, and Phil Johnston (Cedar Rapids and upcoming Nebraska) will write the script, according to Vulture.

For around 30 years, film adaptations of A Confederacy of Dunces have been attempted but for a variety of reasons, have never materialized. The acclaimed book as well as the prospective film have been surrounded by all kinds of doom and gloom since and before it was published. Toole committed suicide, leaving behind his manuscripts for his mother to find. After years of trying, Toole’s mother finally got the book published in 1980. A year later, it scored the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

As far as the film adaptations go, John Belushi was set to star in Harold Ramis’ adaptation in 1982 but Belushi died of a drug overdose before the film even started pre-production. Similarly John Candy and Chris Farley were cast but both passed away before.

In recent years, less misfortune has fallen in respect to the actors involved. At some point Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Goodman were in talks to play roles but those plans have since fallen through. Will Ferrell was the most recent actor set to star in an adaptation directed by David Gordon Green, but it never happened.

Galifianakis and his penchant for playing endearing, witty man-children might be the best fit yet for the role of Ignatius, a 300 pound 30-year old who enjoys medieval fashions and lives with his mother in New Orleans in the ’60s. Regardless of this would-be movie’s track record, it’s exciting to see Galifianakis getting more and more lead roles in films.

Samantha Simon

Samantha is a writer, musician, person living in New York City. She enjoys cooking and talking about her mom. Follow her on Twitter: @smoochiecoochie.

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