Win It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Complete Season 7 (Giveaway)

As if you weren’t excited enough about season eight of FX’s cult comedy hit It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiering Oct. 11 at 10 pm ET, check this out: we’re giving away two DVD copies of The Complete Season 7! That’s right, Laughspinners– you can win it all before it hits the streets on Oct. 9. Any by “all,” we mean what’s written in the below network-approved copy:

In season 7 see the Gang prepare for the apocalypse, hit the beach at the Jersey Shore, produce a child beauty pageant, and take a walk down memory lane at their high school reunion. As they say, some things never change. So prepare for more depraved schemes, half-baked arguments and absurdly underhanded plots to subvert one another.

But wait, there’s more! Check out these bonus features:

● Commentary on “THE GANG GOES TO THE JERSEY SHORE” featuring Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney
● Blooper Reel
● Artemis Tours Philadelphia
● Commentary on ‘The Anti-Social Network’ featuring Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney
● Commentary on ‘The Gang Gets Trapped’ featuring Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney
● Commentary on ‘The High School Reunion Part 2’ featuring Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney

And to win, all you need to do is write a Haiku explaining why you deserve to win– or something approximating that; it could be what you’ll do if you win, why you love It’s Always Sunny so much, whatever. We don’t really give a shit. Just make it creative, and send to with your full name and address. We’ll choose the best two by the end of the day on Wednesday, Oct. 3. If you win, you’ll get an e-mail from us saying something like, “You win.” And we’ll also post your Haiku on Laughspin with your name and town, so you can show all your friends, and then they can suck it. Good luck!

Laughspin Staff

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