• ‘Withered old cougar’ Stephen Colbert threatens Miley Cyrus over Maxim Hot 100 list (Video)

    Who’s not honoring Stephen Colbert — and unfortunately everyone on the Laughspin staff and all of you reading this — now? I’m sorry to break the news to all of you, but none of us (including Colbert) made this year’s Maxim’s Hot 100. I know, I know, heartbreaking. But last night Colbert makes peace with it– sort of. Watch as he traverses through a series of emotions — at one point he calls himself a “withered old cougar” — which culminates in him eating his own brand of ice cream and pining be objectified like a piece of meat. The biggest disappointment is the entity that takes his spot at number 69. Don’t worry, Stephen. You’re always 1, 2, 8, or 100 in our book.

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    Zach Buckner

    Zach Buckner is an aspiring comedy writer from New York (no, not the city; right outside, but who's counting?). In his spare time you can find Zach eating Chinese, eating sushi, eating sandwiches, or just plain eating (he's severely obese), or you'll find him on the basketball court practicing his dream shake, which always ends in embarrassment for one of the players (usually Zach).

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