• Would you listen to a live Golden Globes webcast hosted by Ricky Gervais?

    When I was a kid, we as a family couldn’t stand baseball commentator Tim McCarver so much that if he was working a game we would dial it up on the radio and watch on TV with that annoying buffoon muted. Well, this is kind of the same thing; instead of listening to the traditional awards show ass-kissing brown-nosing garble that Ricky Gervais — as the host — refreshingly thwarted last year, viewers may be able to kill the sound on the telly and live-stream audio from a webcast featuring him and comedic friends Louis C.K., Chris Rock, Karl Pilkington, Jon Stewart and Larry David.

    The webcast at this point is only an idea Gervais is seemingly toying with; he made the musing on his blog recently, but I get the feeling it very well may become a reality. Reaction to Gervais’ scathingly mean (and hilariously funny) hosting performance last year puckered the anuses of the network brass and thusly guaranteed he would never be allowed anywhere near Globes hosting duties again. I, along with many, sincerely hope Gervais webcast plan comes to fruition, as it will undoubtedly be bleeping hilarious.

    Here’s what Ricky’s had to say on his blog:

    A live 3 hour podcast during The Golden Globes. Me and a few chums (like Louis CK, Chris Rock, Karl Pilkington, John Stewart, Larry David popping in and out) doing our own alternative commentary.People at home can have the telly on with the sound down listening to us online say things that no broadcaster could get away with. No one could do a fucking thing. The biggest live webcast ever? Who knows? Who cares? What’s fun is the shit we might come out with. No money. No sponsor. No guide lines. Fuck me I can’t wait.

    And as a bonus, Watch Karl Pilkington ponder with Gervais and Merchant what type of super power he’d like to have on HBO’s The Ricky Gervais Show.

    Fred Farris

    Fred’s passion for comedy began at an early age when for some reason his father allowed him to watch George Carlin perform his classic "the seven dirty words you can’t say on television" routine. Fred has spent time in Las Vegas running comedy shows at a casino theater and also in Chicago writing about comedy and producing his own live shows. Since moving to Los Angeles in May 2010, he has worked in the live booking department of a major talent agency and currently works for a top talent management and production company.

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