• You can call Jonah Hill — 917-409-7838 — and tell him Laughspin sent you

    Jonah Hill’s new movie The Sitter doesn’t hit theaters until Dec. 9, but that hasn’t stopped the flick’s marketing team to step it up to high gear. Now.

    Having already released the red band trailer — which we posted Aug. 4 — the first official stunt is upon us. You can call Jonah Hill at this number — 917-409-7838 — and talk with him directly. If he answers. But, seriously. It’s a real number and its connected to a phone Jonah is at this moment carrying around. So start calling. Here’s a little insider info: your chances of actually chatting with the actor will increase greatly if you ring him between 6 and 10 am ET on Friday.

    So what does calling Jonah Hill have to do with The Sitter? Well, the movie , directed by David Gordon Green — the dude behind Pineapple Express and Your Highness centers around Hill’s character who’s forced into babysitting some kids but then he gets a call from a chick who promises to blow him and then Hill’s character drags the kids out into the night because he wants to get blown, ya know? Of course you do. So, now, you’re able to call Hill (or, his character, really) to ask for his babysitting services– or more realistically, just leave a fucked up message for him. Get to it and tell us how it goes!

    Dylan P. Gadino

    Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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