YouTube star steals from Patrice O’Neal, offers no apology (Videos)

At this point in the game, it would take a sociopathic soul or an incredibly dumb person to even dare steal material from a well-known comedian for his or her own gain. And you’d have to be straight-up insane to steal from Patrice O’Neal — a dead man — and one of the comedy world’s most beloved, well-respected comedy philosophers. But that’s exactly what so-called Internet celebrity Kain Carter has done— and over the weekend comedian Dante Nero, one of O’Neal’s closest friends, called the 26-year-old out.

Carter is part of a new breed of YouTube “comedians,” wherein his major skill is creating quick-cut monologue videos to titillate the growing masses of young comedy fans with short attention spans and minimal respect for originality. And in a pair of videos recently uploaded, you can witness a side-by-side comparison of Carter and O’Neal’s words. In some cases, Carter lifts O’Neal’s ideas verbatim.

In a preview clip (listen below) of Nero’s podcast The Beige Phillip Show – Nero co-hosted the radio program The Black Phillip Show with O’Neal – the comedian explains to his listeners that he talked with Carter by phone, who offered no apology for using O’Neal’s words and thoughts as his own. In fact, Carter – who admits to having only heard of O’Neal two weeks before his death in November of 2011 – uploaded a new video, wherein he explains that he’s inspired by O’Neal and so that’s why some of his material sounds like something the late comedian may have said.

“Anytime I spit a Patrice line or idea – or whole video verbatim – I guess that’s my way of being a vessel that he speaks through to continue to live,” Carter explains. “So for somebody who’s never met him and admires and respects the hell out of him, I guess this is me keeping him alive in my own way.” Carter’s full response video is below.

Here’s a message for Carter: Patrice O’Neal doesn’t need some over-confident, 26-year-old YouTube personality to keep his memory alive. He’s got people like Nero as well as an entire community of New York comedians who do that— through stories they share in private and on radio shows and podcasts. You stole from Patrice because you didn’t think anyone would notice. What you did was not a tribute. And saying you’re a vessel for Patrice is almost worse than stealing from him. You fucked up and you need to own up to that.

You can check out the side-by-side comparisons between Carter and O’Neal below.

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Dylan P. Gadino

Dylan is the founder and editor emeritus of Laughspin.

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